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Candidate for Treasurer Elect

 Michael Birchett

Statement of Candidacy

Typically, serving on professional boards is both taxing and gratifying.  I think few of us want more deadlines, more emails, more phone calls, more dates and times for meetings and events, and more time away from home and the ones we love.  I have to admit that, when my permission was sought to be nominated, I was beginning to picture my life with less responsibilities and not more.  Like all of you, I have many irons in the fire; the thought of one or two less makes me smile.  I somewhat hoped my boss would discourage the very thought of my nomination, but instead she gave me her enthusiastic support.  Despite this vote of confidence, I would be lying if I said I have not thought, on more than one occasion, that I should let this opportunity to serve pass by.

With that said, I have also been on the other side, striving to recruit good folks to serve in volunteer positions.  It is quite difficult to recruit and obtain folks who will commit to the level of sweat and stewardship that makes good boards great.  My parents, like some of yours, always iterated that to whom much is given, much is expected.  As my life has overflowed with opportunities and blessings—mostly in the form of family, friends, loved ones, and mentors—I have been surrounded by a support system that makes it difficult to justifiably say no to such requests.  Frankly, I do have the time, means, and support to serve in this role.  Over the past months, I find that this is not only something I should do, but something I want to do—and do well.  If elected, I will undertake this responsibility with seriousness and dedication to support our membership and our mission.  Now is a season when our associations need exceptional board stewardship and I am ready to strive toward that end.

I love to problem-solve.  I love to understand processes and procedures and make them better, more efficient, less burdensome, and directed—most importantly—more beneficially toward the folks we are tasked to serve.  I have strong ideas and opinions, but I think my colleagues would attest that I am always looking to entertain a better idea and improve my opinion.  I love progress and advancement—especially in the service of others.  Our mission is an important one that affects the lives and opportunities of so many.  I am confident that I can provide the support that is critical to its success.  At the end of the day, at the end of this term, and at the end of my lifetime, I want to look back and know that, at the very least, I did not say no to an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself—something that has the potential to improve the lives of our colleagues and our students.  I look forward to, and thank you for, this opportunity to serve.


Professional Involvement:

Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 
         Presenter | 2018
         Kentucky Representative | 2017-2018
         SASFAA Leadership Symposium Attendee | 2014

Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
       Presenter / Panelist | 2017

Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
       President | 2017-2018
       President-Elect | 2016-2017
       Vice President | 2015-2016
       Program Chair | 2014-2015      
       Public Relations Chair | 2013-2014
       Presenter | 2012

AIDS Volunteers, Inc.
       President | 2015 - Present
       Vice President | 2015
       Board of Directors | 2014

Work Experience:

Director of Financial Aid 
Bluegrass Community & Technical College | 2012 - Present

Coordinator of Financial Aid
Bluegrass Community & Technical College | 2011-2012


Ph.D. (in progress) Education Sciences | University of Kentucky | 2013 - Present (leave of absence)
M.S.Ed. Higher Education | University of Kentucky | 2012
B.A. Philosophy | Georgetown College | 2003

Alabama      Florida      Georgia      Kentucky      Mississippi      North Carolina      South Carolina      Tennessee      Virginia 



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