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Candidate for President Elect

 Wayne Kruger


Statement of Candidacy

I am humbled and honored to be considered for the position of President-Elect of SASFAA.

I respect and appreciate those who have mentored me during my career.  Through their support over the years, I’ve cultivated not only a tapestry of warm memories working closely with them but have also developed the skills, networks, and experiences that have prepared me for this next step on behalf of our profession and association. 

As a financial aid recipient and First Generation college student, I accept this nomination knowing it would grant me greater opportunities to serve others and share the experiences and blessings that I have received.  It is important to pay it forward.   

These are challenging times. Together we face enrollment and budget pressures, an upcoming Reauthorization, the changing landscape of higher education, and the task of determining how to manage, motivate, and reward dedicated staff whose roles continually expand in our high pressure\high accountability environment.  As others remind us, the people who need the most help are often the hardest to reach and in some ways hardest to serve.  People walk the path to college at different paces and may prefer to learn in different ways. We simply must be a beacon of hope to help and inspire our students through our own actions and development.  

In addition to helping and inspiring our students, we support them by our legislative activities.  Our political allies and NASFAA champions are most effective when we inform them, challenge them, encourage them and, most importantly, support them.  When we create the circle of support and advocacy, we create a foundation to build the changes we need, see those changes enacted into law, and increase access and opportunities for our students. 

We must continue to define ourselves as we always have in our work, by our actions, by our grit, and by our dedication to the highest professional ethical standards.  In order to achieve this, I promise to listen closely, communicate frequently, and continue the wonderful legacy of SASFAA.

SASFAA serves a unique role in ensuring that our profession is well represented.  As one of the largest regions in NASFAA, and with representation from a diverse group of institutions, we are positioned well to be at the forefront of issues important to financial aid nationwide.  SASFAA needs a leader who will be able to represent out interests at the state, region, and national level.  To help guide our wonderfully inspiring and dedicated group of members.  I commit to being the kind of servant leader SASFAA needs.

I respectfully submit my candidacy for President-Elect of the Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and ask for your support.


Wayne Kruger


Professional Background:

  • Executive Director Financial Assistance Operations, St. Petersburg College 2010-present
  • College-Wide Assistant Director, St. Petersburg College 2008-2010
  • Financial Assistance Counselor, St. Petersburg College 2007-2008
  • Coordinator State Grants, University of South Florida 2005-2007
  • Financial Aid counselor, University of South Florida 2003-2005
  • Program Assistant, University of South Florida 2002-2003

Association Involvement

Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators      

  • Member                                                                                          2002-Present
  • Membership Chair                                                                            2018-2020
  • Fiscal Concerns committee, member                                                2018-2020
  • Secretary                                                                                            2016-2018
  • Member, Nominations and Elections committee                              2014-2015
  • Executive Board Voting Member (State President)                          2013-2014
  • SASFAA Mentor                                                                            2013-2015

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administration

  • Member                                                                                            2002-Present
  • Member, Standards of Excellence Review Team                              2016-2017
  • Participant, Conference Mentor Taskforce                                      2015
  • Participant, Taskforce on Management Benchmarking                  2014-2015
  • Program Integrity Taskforce                                                            2013-2014
  • Technology Initiatives Committee member                                   2013-2014
  • Participant, Leadership and Legislative Conference/Symposium   2013

Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators         

  • Member                                                                                                2002- present
  • Fiscal Concerns and Investment Committee                                          2019-2020
  • Past Presidents Counsel                                                                  2019-2020
  • Webinar and Training Chair                                                             2019-2020
  • Fiscal Concerns Committee Member                                                2012-2016
  • President (Elect, Standing, Previous Past)                                       2012-2016
  • Electronic Services Committee Chair                                               2013-2015
  • Conference Committee Member                                                        2011-2014
  • Scholarship Committee Member                                                       2012-2013
  • Region IV Representative                                                                   2010-2012


Accredited Financial Counselor

  • Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education        2004-2008

Professional presentations:

NASFAA: 6 presentations at the National Conference

SASFAA: 14 presentations at the Annual Conference

FASFAA: 31 total presentations at conferences and regional workshops

Others: 19 presentations at other professional conferences/worships such as NACAC, NCAN, NCHELP, College Board, FABSAA, etc.


Bachelor of Science, Biology/Chemistry - May 2000

Sacred Hear University, Fairfield, CT

Masters of Education,
College Student Affairs/Administration - May 2002

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Alabama      Florida      Georgia      Kentucky      Mississippi      North Carolina      South Carolina      Tennessee      Virginia 



Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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