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Seeking Nominations for SASFAA Leadership Positions


Dear SASFAA Family,

One of the greatest opportunities we have as professionals is the opportunity to serve in leadership for our professional association.  SASFAA is seeking nominations for qualified individuals to lead us into the future.  The willingness of our members to give of their time, talents, and leadership is what keeps SASFAA strong, and a recognized leader for our profession.

This year we will be seeking nominations for President-Elect and Secretary.  Please provide your nominations to me at by September 20, 2021.  All nominations should include a copy of the individuals vita.

As a reminder, before nominating a person for a position, please contact them to make sure they are willing to serve.  Once the nominations are received, the Committee will review all recommendations and present a dual slate to the membership before the election polls open.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate qualified individuals. These important positions are vital to our continued success as an organization.

Bill Spiers
Immediate Past-President


The President-elect assists the President and prepares for the term of office. Additional responsibilities of the President-elect include the following: (1) represents SASFAA at selected state meetings; (2) reviews the Manual and makes recommendations for changes to the Board or the appropriate committee; (3) conducts an orientation session at the annual conference for state Presidents-elect; (4) advises and counsels the President as needed; (5) begins initial planning for the next annual conference and for the promotion of the event; (6) selects all groups, taskforce chairs, and committee chairs for the upcoming year, and works with all groups, taskforce chairs, and committee chairs on selecting committee members utilizing volunteers; (7) consults with the Board and budget chair in developing future initiatives; and (8) performs other duties as requested by the President.


The Secretary is elected for a two-year term and serves as the scribe for Association meetings and custodian of its records. The Secretary’s duties include: (1) facilitates meeting arrangements, including lodging, meal functions and meeting rooms for Board meetings; (2) records the proceedings of the Board and general business meetings; (3) Emails meeting minutes (including board meetings, and annual business meeting minutes) to the Board and/or SASFAA membership at the end of the meeting. The membership and Board will have a two-week time period to respond with corrections to the minutes. Once the two-week time period has elapsed, the meeting minutes shall be considered approved. The Secretary shall post all approved minutes to the SASFAA website; (4) e-mails the SASFAA membership prior to the current year’s annual business meeting directing them to review the annual business meetings minutes from the prior year before the start of the current business meeting; (5) collects board meeting agendas and written reports from all board members approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled meetings, compile the agenda/reports into a single report, and e-mail the compiled agenda/report to the board one week before the meeting for board members to review prior to the meeting; (6) serves as chair of the Bylaws Committee, which annually conducts a review and recommends changes to the bylaws to the Board; (7) reviews, updates and maintains the Manual; (8) prepares and submits meeting minutes with supporting documents and publications, including annual conference programs, special reports, and membership directories to archives; (9) creates and distributes the Association’s official stationery; (10) distributes agendas developed by the President in advance of Board meetings; (11) sends appropriate cards and gifts to members and colleagues on behalf of the Association; maintains the seal; and (12) performs other duties as requested by the President.


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