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The SASFAA Listserv is available for SASFAA leadership and membership to share information. 

Current membership is required to send or receive posts from the SASFAA listserv. 

To submit a posting for the listserv:

  1. If you are not already a current member, activate or renew your membership.
  2. Develop the SUBJECT and TEXT (BODY) of the message.
  3. Send to:
Be advised: The primary purpose of the SASFAA listserv is to facilitate communication by and between SASFAA members regarding topics related to the administration of student financial aid. When communicating through the listserv, ethical behavior should be observed at all times, and no behavior should take place that would be considered inappropriate for a face-to-face meeting. Failure to adhere to this standard of conduct may result in loss of access to the listserv or more server action, depending on the circumstances. 

The SASFAA listserv is not to be used to advertise, market, or to otherwise promote products or services. For advertising and other marketing opportunities, please review SASFAA's sponsorship options.  The SASFAA listserv may be used for announcements of job changes, but such announcements must be informational only (e.g. new company, title, new phone/fax number(s), new email address) and should not include information, promotional or otherwise about the hiring entity.  It is permissible to submit information about employment opportunities for financial aid professionals.

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