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SASFAA Webinar Series

SASFAA provides professional webinars each year on topics of interest to its membership.  SASFAA Webinars are free to members.  If you are not already a member, join here.



Managing Financial Aid Operations Amidst a Pandemic -- 29-Jul-2020, 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM


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Training for Title IV Compliance in the Office and Across the University 6/29/2020  Recording 
What's Happening in Student Affairs 6/15/2020  Recording 
Managing Professional Judgments Amidst a Pandemic 6/9/2020  Recording 
SASFAA Webinar: Legal Issues
2/3/2020  Recording 
Ally Training:  Understanding & Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community 12/9/2019  Recording 
Embracing Economic Diversity in Higher Education 10/01/19  Recording  
SASFAA Perspectives on Negotiated Rulemaking 06/20/19 Recording 
How the New Tax Code will Impact Financial Aid 05/16/19 Recording 
Legislation for Homeless and Foster Youth 03/29/19  Recording 
The Congress and the Administration: A Look at Federal Student Aid Policy Development  01/30/19   Recording 
Resolving Eligibility Issues for Citizens and Eligible Non-citizens 01/18/19 Recording
Title IV Reconciliation - What's in Your Tool Kit 12/18/18 Recording
Tax Reform: How it Affects Students, Parents and Colleges 04/19/18 Recording
Experian Credit Education 04/05/18 Recording
Professional Judgment 03/29/18 Recording
SAR Comment Codes 02/27/18 Recording
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 11/15/17 Recording
Legislative Advocacy- Legislative and Regulatory Priorities under a New  Administration 11/16/17 Recording
Politics and Leadership (see Recording for details) 12/15/16 Recording
Ethics and Leadership (see Recording for details) 12/14/16 Recording
Getting Ready for a New Congress & President (see Recording for details)  11/16/16 Recording
Prior Prior Year 03/22/16 Recording
Green Zone - A Safe Place for Veterans 11/23/15 Recording


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