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SASFAA Distinguished Service Award Recipients

This is the highest honor bestowed by SASFAA. Individuals honored with a SASFAA Distinguished Service Award shall have made outstanding, significant, and meritorious contributions to the advancement of student financial aid or the profession.

 Year  Recipient  Institution
 1981-82  Dr. Neal Berte
 Birmingham-Southern College
 1982-83  Carl D. Perkins
 U.S. House of Representatives
 1983-84  Dallas Martin
 1984-85  Eunice Edwards
 Herb Vescio
 Fisk University
 Eastern Kentucky University
 1985-86  William M. Geer
 University of NC at Chapel Hill
 1986-87  Palmer Freeman
 Leroy Springs Foundation
 1987-88  Dr. James F. Carr
 Harding College
 1988-89  Guy Snavely
 Pickett and Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc.
 1989-90  Dr. William Wall
 Alabama Commission on Higher Education
 1990-91  Vernetta P. Fairley
 University of Southern Mississippi
 1991-92  Cheryl Wilkes O'Keefe
 Medical College of Georgia
 1992-93  Preston Rosser
 Valencia Community College
 1993-94  Gerald T. Bird
 Robert Evans
 College Scholarship Service
 U.S. Department of Education
 1994-95  Marvin G. Carmichael
 Francine Reeves
 Clemson University
 U.S. Department of Education
 1995-96  Ron Gambill
 Tennessee Student Assistance Corp.
 1996-97  Jack L. Woodward
 Cruzita Lucero
 Millsaps College
 Walters State Community College
 1997-98  David Cecil
 Karen Fooks
 Transylvania University
 University of Florida
 1998-99  Curtis Whalen
 Betty Whalen
 University of NC at Charlotte
 Wingate College
 1999-00  Joel Harrell
 Clark Atlanta University
 2000-01  Randy Craig
 Eleanor S. Morris
 Education Credit Management Corp.
 University of NC at Chapel Hill
 2001-02  Susan Little
 Carol Mowbray
 University of Georgia
 Northern Virginia Community College
 2002-03  Mary Givhan
 Ken Player
 Mississippi College
 South Carolina Student Loan Corp.
 2003-04  Jane McNaughton
 Union Planters Bank
 2004-05  Bob Godfrey
 University of South Carolina - Columbia
 2005-06  Clark Aldridge
 David Gelinas
 Collegiate Funding Services
 University of the South
 2006-07  Janet Sain Nowicki
 Rosemary Stelma
 SunTrust Education Loans
 East Carolina University
 2007-08  Guy Gibbs
 Greg Martin
 Northern Virginia Community College
 U.S.Department of Education
 2008-09  Bill Cox
 Karen Koonce
 North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
 2009-10  Debra Talley
 University of Alabama, Birmigham
 2010-11  Ron Day
 Kennesaw State University, Georgia
 2011-12  David Bartnicki
 U.S. Department of Education
 2012-13  Brent Tener
 Vanderbilt University
 2013-14  David Mohning
 Vanderbilt University
 2014-15  Heather Boutell
 Jeff Dennis
 Bellarmine University
 Greenville Technical College
 2015-16  Nancy Tate
 Anderson University
 2016-17  Brad Barnett
 Sandra Neel
 James Madison University
 University of Louisville
 2017-18  Lisanne Masterson
 Blue Ridge Community College
 2018-19  Keith Reeves
 Clemson University
 2019-20  Sharon Oliver
 Zita Barree
 North Carolina Central University
 Hampden-Sydney College
 2020-21  Bryan Erslan
 Marian Dill
 Buddy Johnston
 Eastern Kentucky University
 Lee University
 Radford University
 2021-22  Amy Berrier-Gerber  Central Carolina Community College
 2022-23  Bill Spiers
Nathan Basford
 Tallahassee Community College
 Florida State University

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Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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