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          Financial   Aid   Administrators

SASFAA Honorary Membership Recipients

Honorary membership shall be awarded to persons who have demonstrated outstanding service to SASFAA and to the student aid profession. Practicing financial aid administrators are not eligible to receive this award. Past presidents and SASFAA Distinguished Service Award recipients who cease to meet active membership criteria as set forth in the Policies and Procedures Manual shall be automatically granted honorary membership.

 Clark Aldridge
 John Bannister*
 Nathan Basford
 Patsy Braxton
 Jerry Bird
 Winston Bruce*
 John Burns
 Marvin Carmichael*
 James F. Carr, Jr.
 David Cecil
 Marilyn Clark-Watkins
 E. Thomas Cleveland
 Ron Day
 Karen (Koonce) DeFilippo
 Judy Deines
 Eunice Edwards*
 Vernetta Fairley
 Karen Fooks
 Palmer Freeman
 Bill Fron
 David Gelinas
 William M. Geer
 Guy Gibbs
 Mary Givhan
 Ellen Green
 David L. Hartshorn
 James E. Ingle
 Maureen Ingle
 Kingston Johns
 H. S. "Buddy" Johnston
 Robert B. Kimmell
 Priscilla Light
 Susan Little
 Susan Luhman
 Dallas Martin
 Lisanne Masterson
 Cannon R. Mayes
 Carney McCullough
 Daniel Miller
 Eleanor S. Morris
 Carol Mowbray
 Janet Nowicki
 Cheryl W. O'Keefe
 Shelley Park
 Carl D. Perkins*
 Don Rainer
 Keith Reeves
 Tim Rhodes
 Larry Ridgeway
 Preston Rosser
 Guy Snavely*
 Elinor Starr
 Ray Tripp
 Lisa Turner
 Herb Vescio*
 Bill Wall
 Richard L. Walters
 Charles H. Watson*
 Betty Whalen
 Curtis Whalen
 Jack Woodward
 Kenneth L. Wooten


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Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

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